This page is updated regularly sharing currents developing across the practice,


​EXHIBITIONS We will be presenting our Imbue performance and photograph at Haarlem Arts Center, August - September, with  the work showing for Wirksworth Festival 


We have just developed a piece of new sonic performance work in response to Helen Frosi text for Sonic Art Research Unit, aspects of the morning. The work was performed at cafe OTO


We have just received news that we got ACE funding to return to Kestle Barton in August this year to continue the project we started last year Chant of the whaleswan.

This year we will be running a programme of workshops and gatherings exploring ideas of holding and refuge, read more about what we will be doing and how to get involved here:

Echoes of the Dancing Sky


We are excited to announce that our work on Wenlock Barn Estate  over the last 10 years forms part of a chapter within Katie Beswicks new book, Social Housing in Performance: The English Council Estate on and off Stage (Bloomsbury 2019) exploring the representation of council etsates in news media, film, televison, music video and theatre practices.

One of our text works, songs of vine, has been published as part of Rut Blees Luxemburg, publication The Lesson of the Vine


We are working with filmmaker Alejandro Tarraf to produce a video portrait for our practice showing a series of performances in the landscape


Our next nomadic residency programme 'The Circle' starting in March 2020

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