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I am held by the Village

I am connected to earth and sky

I stand here as a channel

to echo back the mystery of my being

through the spirit of the elements

of earth, water

fire and air

as totems that form my inner circle

expanding into the circle of connection, 

the circle of creativity

the circle of intuition

A sacred weaving of body, spirit, myth, ritual

land and sky

held by the village

the realms of ancestry 


Held By The Village is a foundation embodying the essence of The Circle year programme


Just like The Circle, This gathering will be a place of re-enchantment, heart connection and a moment to deepen our inner power. A place where our intuition acts as an anchor point to the present – The present in its ever-changing form and its continuous rooting of our spirit.


In the ripples of the autumn Equinox this offering will be a moment to deepen into embodied practices to return to the nature of ourselves. Connecting with the spirit that comes from a deep connection to the truth and magic of the land. Bringing together a weaving of practices – the gathering will include ceremonies, creative workshops, circle work and making rituals. Together the practices will re-connect us to rawness and elemental processes as a way of being ensconced in the knowledge of nature.


In the current time more than ever - there is a deep call to the ancestors.

To our inner and nature guides – to ourselves in this present moment and ourselves as the elders we will grow into. A call to the voice we want to offer the world.


Held by the village - a community of interspecies connection

Held by village - within the circles and realms of ancestry

Held by the village -  in the witness of ancient trees


The gathering will bring together a unique combination of ceremonial practice, ritual work, yogic and shamanic practices, movement, astrology and land processes, alongside one to one sessions as part of an on going integration and transformation process. The training has been designed to support weaving the work into everyday life carrying the magic threads of embodiment into your everyday rituals. 

The methods of teaching come as a culmination of processes held within the last decade of our socially engaged art practice, whilst taking inspiration from our on going studies/training into a variety of practices including shamanic work, astrology, movement medicine, somatic movement, kundalini yoga, psycho-magic, body-alchemy, sound therapy,

biodynamic body listening and holistic dance. 


"I felt I was living an experience I had longed for, for a long time. I felt I was in a time out of time. The sacred places you created for us seemed in another reality, elemental and mythical, yet comfortable and intimate. Meaningful actions, movement and words shared between the women constantly built the feel of the nomadic community - layer upon layer of richness over our days together. I loved how free the communication was. There was no need to explain what was real, what was imagined, felt or dreamed. This was such a vivid togetherness. Everything was so masterfully and meticulously taken care of, with such warmth and generosity - even the approaches and departures to the process. I'm not sure I have ever been so attentively cared for, and now I feel repaired somehow."

Testimonial from previous Yörük participant 


The woods are nestled on the Kent Downs close to Wye bordering the Yockletts Bank Nature reserve. 


This mixed ancient woodland of Hornbeam, Oak, Hawthorn, Birch and Yew on a chalk escarpment has been held for 40 years as a place that honors the trees and the nature just as they are. In some of the forest glades there are also fruit trees and a collection of simple self built homes. We will have one of these self built homes for the indoor aspects of the processes bringing a warm domestic quality to the holding. 


At night time we will be dropping into the powerful glow of candles and fires all part of becoming ensconced in the elemental qualities of the land. Owls, nightingales and badgers inhabit the woods and their sounds can be heard in the nighttime.



Each meal will be prepared by the magical being Maria – who grew up on a farm growing food organically and drinking water from natural springs. Maria will prepare delicious seasonal and organic offerings sourced from the near by organic farm. The meals will tune into the processes of each days journey. Food will be prepared both on stove and on fires.


The invitation is to bring your own tent and bedding and a blanket for the sharing processes. 

A shower is available in the house but we encourage you to find a magic place to wash and see it as a daily way of communing with the land. 



No previous requirements are necessary for taking part. To apply send us an email with your interest alongside a short paragraph about what drew you to the process. 

Application form

We will then send you a simple application form to fill in. 


Arrival Midday 25th September 

Departure after breakfast 30th September 


The payment can be paid in full on registration or through a payment plan suitable to your needs. 

Held by the Village - whole gathering including one to one sessions all food and process materials:

£470 Full price  

A few concessions places are also available 


yoruk weavings of dragons.jpg

medium format photograph by four time YÖRÜK participant and artist Ines Lechleitner

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