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MOTTION 7, Rhythm Analysis, Gail Barker

A 10 day residency November 2013

During her residency, Gail explored notions of time, memory and rhythm within cracks and marks of the internal walls of syzygy. Through various processes Gail experimented with making moulds of these spaces using baking paper and clay. This further developed into a performance piece including sound, knitting and collaborative movement.

Gail’s work formed part of a wider project on Rhythm Analysis 

About Gail
Growing up with the wide skies and flat landscape of East Anglia, attending a Quaker primary school and afterward a farm school influence my love of space and the simple rhythms of daily life.

In 1977 I moved to Rochester, New York and pursued my art education through evening classes until 1989 when I moved to New England and enrolled at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

After graduation Art as Process has been my refrain. My daily movements, rituals and activities serve as prompts allowing me to incorporate walking, journeys and solitary contemplative actions in the form of drawing, sewing, wrapping and paper manipulation.

2008 returned to England.

Using the mode of transport (bus, train or plane) to determine the drawing while observing the landscape, allowing the pen or pencil to mark the paper, each movement of the vehicle is reflected on the paper as a unique rhythm of the journey.


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