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The Voyage to the New Dawn is to step with awe, to step with a wholeness of heart and spirit, a fearlessness that enables the embodied self to dance in the beauty of being. By coming into contact with the deepest source of our creativity, we can bring ourselves to be fully in service to our essence and the gift that it offers to the world. 

Here we craft a new way of being, a new way of shining our authentic light so that we can birth with the new dawn of humanity. A dawn which unites us with the origin of spirit, and a dawn that brings back the courage to love and live more fully.

This 5 day immersion will nourish your spirit on a pilgrimage of becoming. In a magical setting of wondrous landscapes, the journey will work with all the elements, working with embodied dreamwork, ceremony, vision quests, plant alchemy and healing herbs. Giving you the sacred imprints within your cellular memory to take with you on your onward journey. 

This experience will take messages from dragon energy working on both a personal and collective level, we will explore the different layers of 'embracing the dragon' and how this notion can support you to explore the wholeness of your being. This process will offer a exploration of your hidden gems and offer you a supportive environment for nourishing all your creative currents.  


The dragon energy represents the mastery of our inner harvests through activity and creativity. It is said that the dragon combines 9 different animals, each animal of a different plane, giving the dragon a special capacity to travel through each of the elements. The cyclical journey of the dragon begins in the cave of the underworld, the womb of the subconscious. In this deepest cave, the dragon takes refuge from autumn and winter. The dragon leaves the cave in spring, awakening into consciousness and alertness, enchanted by its inner journey. It ascends into the sky with wings to manifest the weavings of winter. A shapeshifting gentle power that unfolds likes the leaves in the spring. The wings carry ideas for the new cycle, the threads to sow into the abundance of summer – that sacred space of true manifestation.


Over the 5 days we will be working through a journey of the 9 animals that make up the dragon - dreaming and visioning with them before stepping into our dragon flight.






We will be hosted at Mount of Oaks, nestled in the Gardhuna Mountains in Portugal, whose practices of sacred land tending, healing and crafting will infiltrate and enrich our gathering throughout. Together we will create a nomadic household immersed in wilderness and the  elementals. To become ensconced in the land. We will drink spring water and eat organic local food all prepared with love. 

The accommodation set up will consist of a camp with shared tents, solar powered showers and compost toilets.

Is this for you ?

This space is for beings who wish to work deeply on both a personal and collective level, for beings who wish to come together in shared practice, in circle, in ceremony who want to travel inside mysteries rooted in the magic of our collective bone memory, to dream within the web of the collective psyche.  It is a calling to all those sensing that life is connected to the web of all realms and wish to be in service to that purpose and the collective care of the planet and each other.

You do not need to consider yourself to be an artist to join this gathering, but some familiarity with ceremonial and ritual processes would be beneficial. 

If you have journeyed with us before, this would be a wonderful moment to consult your ongoing inner weavings. 

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"This has been the most incredible gift. Isik and Eva are the most beautiful, generous, nurturing and knowledgeable soul guides. Throughout the journeys and the teachings, I felt so held by them, still do. The work they do is nothing short of  magical. They helped me see how powerful I am within the collective. I have made some special life long bonds with the other people in the circle. They facilitated so many deep and potent healing experiences for me, and the others within our circle. I will never forget them. Fourthland are truly magical beings who awaken the magic in you."

"My being is still beaming in joy and gratitude from our time together around and in the 'Cave of Visions'.

The time we shared honing that space was for me a 'luminous remembrance'. Maybe I'm borrowing this expression from your own exquisitely beautiful guidance. Timeless, larger than time, natural and profound. Your words sounded so kin to my own flesh & spirit language it feels I've been drinking from a source. To your words & holding space, immense appreciation, gratitude and inspiration."

"The way you hold us, hold space, hold forth with instructions, invitations and guidance is so safe, it’s like being embedded in love and special attention… and yet somehow your permissions set us free to go into the most private and solitary landscapes where no one can come with us, to take heart and set out bravely"​​

"I felt I was living an experience I had longed for, for a long time. I felt I was in a time out of time. The sacred places you created for us seemed in another reality, elemental and mythical, yet comfortable and intimate. Meaningful actions, movement and words shared between the women constantly built the feel of the nomadic community - layer upon layer of richness over our days together. I loved how free the communication was. There was no need to explain what was real, what was imagined, felt or dreamed. This was such a vivid togetherness. Everything was so masterfully and meticulously taken care of, with such warmth and generosity - even the approaches and departures to the process. I'm not sure I have ever been so attentively cared for, and now I feel repaired somehow."


Arrival 6pm Wednesday 15th May

Departures after breakfast on the Monday 20th May. 



Travel to Lisbon airport Portugal where you can catch a train to Alpedrinha

There are also other routes via Porto available

For detailed travel info visit 


Including all food and accommodation  


£625 Limited concession 

Payment plans are available so do be in touch.

If you would like to make a donation to the work all donations will be used to offer concession places, or sponsored places to those less able to attend for economic reasons. 


If you hear the call, or if you have any further questions, please reach out to us by sending us an email. Limited spaces available. 

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