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An integration of practices and the sacred every day life

"When the alchemists talk of the dragon, they talk about the universal spirit present in all things​"

The Weavings of Dragons is a creative gathering that delves into the power of manifestation, conjuring our journey through the elements of our lives. This journey will explore what manifests from the seasonality of ourselves as nature, creating a sacred awareness of how we manifest in our every day existence. 


The dragon energy represents the mastery of our inner harvests through activity and creativity. It is said that the dragon combines 9 different animals, each animal of a different plain giving the dragon a special capacity to travel through each of the elements. The cyclical journey of the dragon begins in the cave of the underworld, the womb of the subconscious. In this deepest cave the dragon takes refuge from autumn and winter. The dragon leaves the cave in spring awakening into consciousness and alertness, enchanted by its inner journey. It ascends into the sky with wings to manifest the weavings of winter. A shapeshifting gentle power that unfolds likes the leaves in the spring. The wings carry ideas for the new cycle, the threads to sow into the abundance of summer – that sacred space of true manifestation.


This gathering will weave as the cyclical journey of the dragon - gathering as a way of culminating the threads of YÖRÜK. Marking a transition between how we are spinners of these magic threads and how to use them to cultivate a new direction in our every day lives. We will explore this threshold between art and life, practice and work, the cosmic and domestic. 


Each of us as dragons of our own creative potential. Each on a unique sacred path to abundance and gifts. In a society where we are separated from our own shadow side, dragons for centuries have been misrepresented as monsters of destruction, to be feared at all costs. While in other cultures, dragons are embroidered in fine silk on to the robes of emperors – they are the guardians of temples, the keepers of precious treasure, and the messengers of deep wisdoms. The Dragon as a symbol of our inner power weaves together dark and light into a cloak woven from the threads of our experience. Spun from ancestral memories. This gathering will be a journey to reawaken the dragon lines of our soul’s desires. Weaving the mystery of life, movement, energy, the heavens, the planets, the light of nature, the soul of the world.


This gathering will take place in the UK, venue to be confirmed.


Some reflections from previous participants: 


"I was struck by how carefully considered every word and action was on the yoruk. There seemed to be so much effort and care put into everything, it flowed so seamlessly and really felt like slipping into a magical realm. The ritual spaces and circles that were held stirred some kind of ancient memory inside me - Thank you. The oscillation between extremely profound and extremely playful moments was a wonder to experience and a great lesson for life! " - Residency participant


"Every time I smell a blanket or a sweater I wore during our time together at the mount of oaks a deep calm and a fire-earthness light by an orange and a lemon comes over me. I am so grateful for our time together. For the insights into the other women's emotions, hesitations and dreams. For our shared laughter and tears. Your and all our wisdom and the courage that emerges in this togethering.

This time it has been a lot about accepting my own gifts, stars and foundations. The ancestors have moved to the background, i took center stage and fully enjoyed it. As last time I had met my dragon, this time the eagle came – literally: it followed my words, flew with me over the lake and called me to the oaks bearing its offspring. I feel blessed. And I love you and your work dearly." - Residency participant

yoruk weavings of dragons.jpg


"Highlights of the experience for me were; the gong bath, getting to explore the land a bit more than last time, the food, sharing, the journey with oranges, fire circles, chanting and the honoring ceremony we did with the belly altars - that was incredible. I think beauty was a big part of it for me - the place, the materials, the faces of the other women. You both have such a gift for creating that timeless beauty within which it is a pleasure to enter whatever journey you propose." - Residency participant 

Photograph by 3rd time participant, artist Ines Lechleitner

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