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A WEDDING TO THE BREAD, collective performance Wenlock Barn Estate 2017

A wedding to the bread

Collective performance with the residents of the Wenlock Barn Estate. 

Throughout a decade of working with the Wenlock Barn Estate the idea of 'bread-making' - as a community connection was a re-occurring symbol. Bread is something we all have an intimate connection with across cultures,  it is something we can all relate to as a material and collective act,

And so this evolving role of 'the bread' within the gatherings on the estate inspired us to create a performative ceremony of a shared wedding to the bread. Where we wed ourselves to the Bread as a token of our commitment as a community to the continuous sharing and honoring of diversity of cross-cultural exchange and trust. Our master of ceremony for the day was Dr Katie Beswick offering a speech that wove an alternative history of the role of Social Housing. 

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