Breadrock Kestle Barton 2018
fourthland installation 2018
Breadrock PEER 2018
fourthland installation 2018
Permissible notations of PEER 2017
fourthland exhibition 2018
BearMotherHouse, SPACE 2017
fourthland installation 2017
Household 2016
fourthland installation
The Storm, Somerset House 2016
fourthland performance
Back to where we have not quite been
fourthland exhibition Arnolfini 2015
Alterations, PEER 2015
fourthland installation PEER 2015
The Collective Tounge, Berlin 2013
fourthland performance Errant Bodies Berlin 2014
Astate, London 2012
Fourthland installation 2013
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Arnolfini 2015


2018 House Of Common Weeds, Touring show, exhibiting Cosmic Council, commissioned by Nathalie Boobies, Newbridge project space, Newcastle

2018 Waking the Witch, Touring show, exhibiting Imbue, commissioned by Legion Projects, Newtown 

2017 House of Common Weeds, Touring show, exhibiting Cosmic Council, commissioned by Nathalie Boobies, Res Deptford, London

2015 Cities methodologies, exhibiting new mouths, UCL, London

2013 Cities methodologies, UCL, exhibiting astate London

2013 Hackney Wicked arts festival, exhibiting yörük London

2012 Collections, White Building, London

2012 Pillar, The Yard, London

2011 Thought construction, Exchange project space, Hackney Wicked arts festival, London