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T H E  L A N D  W E  D R E A M 


Culture, stories and climate

The Land we Dream, is a socially engaged project working with diverse communities in  Waltham Forest to collectively create a shared vision story for a flourishing landscape. A landscape of the imaginal that will become a shared performance in spring 2024.

 The project forms part of the public program for Radical Landscapes  an exhibition that explores the natural world as a space for artistic inspiration, social connection, and political and cultural protest through the lens of William Morris, one of Britain’s earliest and most influential environmental thinkers. Organised in collaboration with Tate Liverpool. 

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U P C O M I N  G  E V E N T S 


Sunday 19th 10:30 -12:30

The Land we seek the land we dream, screening of our short film at William Morris Gallery London, as part of the Radical Landscapes public program. 

Full list of events can be found on the

Radical Landscapes programme website 

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The wider calling 

The Land we Dream sits within a wider project that we a launching in early 2024. A project with multiple streams each part attuning ourselves to create a landscape of belonging. A radical landscape to us is one that is alive and resonant with care from periphery to centre. By caring for all layers of being we can truly inhabit a cosmic celebration. A nourishing heart felt activism. Over the coming cycle we will cultivate the periphery and these ideas in order to give groups the tools, visions and experience of nourishment.These projects will generate knowledge on all the layers, the layer of dream land and vision, the layer of the sacred center within the individual, the layer of the collective pollination, the layer of the motherhood and the layer of our spirit selves.Together these offerings will enable us to cultivate knowledge and resonance for a more nourishing future, a cosmic celebration. 

P R O J E C TS  L A U N C H I N G  2024


Vessel of the Tide 

A online course and in person journey with a group of mothers exploring roots of nourishment and transformation through a deep immersion into the mythological, ecological, esoteric and archetypal experience of motherhood, through various practices of vision quests, embodied dreamwork, sharing circles, experimental workshops and performative acts in the landscape. Bringing the peripheral wisdom of mothers into the centre as a way of nourishing each other and society as a whole,  finding a new expression for vulnerability and power as a transformational force of change and radical care. A place of community and support to explore how the journey of motherhood can invite a collective healing of our relationship to the ‘mother body’, ‘the nature body’ and the ‘societal body’.

Vessel of Pollinators 

A special project to create a network of pollinators - bringing together groups throughout the UK and Europe that are seeding ways of change. This project uses an artistic framework to connect practices and nourish each other's gifts.More info coming soon 



We must feed both the periphery and the center as one and the same pulse                                   Caring for the voice of the whispers as they have nourished the central pulse of all creation               We must step back to listen to this pulse                                                                                                 as it vibrates its substance back into the community of being                                                                 In a deep remembrance of who we are                                                                                and the knowledge we already carry to create the land we seek, the land we dream

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