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H O U S E  O F  T H E   F O U R   L A N D S

 A   M I G R A T I O N   O F  B O D I E S  A N D.  M I N D S  T O  C O M M U N E  W I T H I N  D E E P  S H A R E D  A N D  E V O L V I N G  W I S D O M  

The House of the Four Lands offers an on-going journey of courses, trainings, experiences and camps. Guided by a unique mythology that connects us to our place in the web of being to become the pollinators and seeds of change.The four pillars of the House, each, the corner of what we call the roof of the cosmic domestic - create a sacred holding of the individual home within the collective to align ourselves with a purpose rooted in the domestic yet connected to the higher realms.


YÖRÜK is the living symbol for the teachings of the House and serves as the messenger to follow the life impulse to live a life surrounded by what makes us flourish, a messenger to maintain our nomadic creative spirit that enables us to be continuously in service to the spark of our unique existence. A life pulse that allows the gifts we carry to become the vitality of a community and the steps for new ways of being. The YÖRÜK, that has wandered life as a pilgrimage through the soles of our ancestors and through all interconnected cultures and ecologies.


The holding of the house is nomadic, existing as a living organism with a mythology that – at times unravels like a village, at other moments offers a circle or a sight, growing and enriching the teachings by the shared experience and householding.
























We have developed the teaching mythology for The House of The Four Lands after working with people from all over the world through our socially engaged creative practice. A practice that revealed the living potential of myth and story to change futures and shape lives. The teachings combine a range of practices - artistic, embodied, ecological, spiritual, and esoteric, positioned to bring the journeyer to the embodiment of YÖRÜK.  The practices flow through the lands like a confluence of rivers, forming the circulatory system that embraces both individual and collective transformation.


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This is where we stand as a sacred channel between earth and sky,

where the cycle of all existence and the circle of all beginnings flows through us.

A place to rekindle a holistic relationship between the planet and ourselves,

a place to cultivate landscapes of care,

to be held by the village,

immersed in handheld knowledge, 

as an extension of the circles of our ancestry


​Working through these teachings is a journey through the inner and outer seasons providing the guidance to utilise the layers of the psyche as a vessel of creativity, to sculpt and craft a place for ourselves from which it is possible to offer our light as one of the rays of the sun - the collective heart – attuning with the energy of creation that moves through us and the universe.


The four pathways of YÖRÜK

The Pulse – how we embody the life spark of existence – a connection to our centre

The Vessel – how we sculpt our authentic creativity, attuning our bodies as channels of wisdom between finite and infinite realms

The Spindle – how our beings meet the multiple threads of existence – a gathering of knowledge to serve the ecosystem of potential

The Cloth – how we weave ourselves a new skin of sensuality to meet the world – crafting the cloak of our souls to offer back our potential

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As you move through the pathways,

Yoruk will come to meet you,

Yoruk will come as a reminding voice

of your essence and its connection to the mystery.

Yoruk will come as a reminder

of the magical in the mundane,

as a bridge to reunite ourselves as part of nature and all web of creation.

A journey towards nourishment, creativity and freedom.


From here it is possible to be change we are looking for, to reclaim the stories we tell about our bodies and our relationship with the landscape, to step into an intuitive process of our own myth making. To bring into being the new symbols and mythologies needed to support the shaping of a more enriched ecological and interconnected way of living.




A 18 month journey of embodiment 

and heart centred leadership 

To read full description, click here 


Previous journeys 

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A very special immersion exploring your own inner mythology though a combination of teachings, self and collective practices.


This training is for anyone who is interested coming together in a shared practice of creativity to become the change makers of our time

To read full description of course, click here 

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The teachings have developed from 13 years experience of working with socially engaged artist practice, both as artists and teachers, alongside extensive training in a combination of shamanic, somatic, astrological, ecological, biodynamic, yogic, movement, sound and esoteric practices.

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of previous gatherings with YÖRÜK


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"I am so deeply thankful for everything you made possible and shared in these days! You gave me the tools to own my own spiritual practice. It felt like being part of a circle of precious stones that every day moved a little closer, vibrated and shone a bit more and formed a common necklace towards the end. I am very grateful for your immense generosity to share your tools and processes of creation and inspirations with us without holding back. Everyone of us had space to shift and transform, settle or dance in their own space, rather than being assigned a fixed role. It feels like the beginning of a journey towards a freedom of spirit and body that has just started. I want more!

Residency participant

Travelling to you at the Mount of Oaks felt like joining a summit of the elements. In a universal sense but also to my own very personal elements" 

- Residency participant

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