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Y Ö R Ü K  |  C A V E  O F  V I S I O N S


This year's winter solstice is a significant threshold which many elders are calling the beginning of the great change. Cave of visions is our special offering for this time of transformation; this time of internal musings, for this time as we weave our threads of light into the mystery.  


Cave of Visions is for anyone who feels the call to mark this transition in themselves and in the collective through deep processes of shared ritual, embodied dreamwork and vision quests. Working with this potent time of the cycle as a gateway  to new beginnings, as a gestation of visions, both within your personal life and within the collective. Through this shared experience discovering a deep process of nourishing ourselves and each other as we move into the winter cave of replenishment and rest. A place where new dreams can seed their magic in our lives, and ripple out as vital energy to the whole. 


The ceremonial space will commence on Friday evening after a warm arrival meal all together, and extend throughout the weekend, coming to on Sunday afternoon.  Should you wish to stay further at the centre at either end of the gathering, you can arrange this independently with the centre. . 


Cave of Visions will be warmly held at the Earth Spirit Centre in Glastonbury, with various accommodation options available. 

Is this for you ?

This space is for beings who wish to work deeply on both a personal and collective level, for beings who wish to come together in shared practice, in circle, in ceremony who want to travel inside mysteries rooted in the magic of our collective bone memory, to dream within the web of the collective psyche.   It is a calling to all those sensing that life is connected to the web of all realms and wish to be in service to that purpose and the collective care of the planet and each other.

You do not need to consider yourself to be an artist,  to join this gathering, but some familiarity with ceremonial and ritual processes would be beneficial. 

If you have journeyed with us before, this would be a wonderful moment to consult your ongoing inner weavings. 

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Gathering will start at 6pm Friday 15th December and close around 3pm Sunday 17th December. 



Please read further information on how to get there on their website:


Shared dorm room and shared bathroom £275 

Shared twin room with en suite bathroom £285

Private room with en suite bathroom £315

 If you would like to make a donation to the work all donations will be used to offer concession places, or sponsored places to those less able to attend for economic reasons.


If you hear the call, or if you have any further questions, please reach out to us by sending us an email. Limited spaces available. 

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