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2018 Crafting the unknown, Skye Sherwin, written in response to Breadrock

2017 Soul Markers for a near future Alberto Duman, written in response to BearMotherHouse

2016 After the Archon, Talk given by Ben Cranfield at Public Programming - Pedagogical Practices in a Missing Europe. Writen in response to The Storm.

2015 Grandmothers Knowledge, A text by Ben Cranfield 

2015 Resilience and the Mythic, Sarah Deco 

2015 Bristol Resilience Report.pdfOur report on Resilience Lab 

2015 Visual Matrix ,  Dr Julian Manley, Researcher Psychosocial Unit, Lancashire University


2019 Social Housing in Performance, The English Council Estate on and off Stage, Katie Beswick published by Bloomsbury
2018 The Living School | Text and image contribution, Brandon LaBelle

2018 Song of Vine | The Lesson of the Vine Rut Blees Luxemburg

2017 Our House of Common | Weeds Nathalie Boobis, Res. Enclave, London.
2014 Regeneration Realities | astate text contribution Urban Pamphleteer published by UCL Urban Laboratory


2018 BREADROCK review Tanya Harrod Crafts Magazine Septmber

2018 BREADROCK review, Cherry Smyth, Art Monthly April
2018 Fourthland with Rosalind Fowler, BREADROCK at PEER Hoxton, Caroline Douglas, director of Contemporary Arts Society

BearMotherHouse | interview for East Cast Show resonance FM October 2017

Permissible Notations | interview for East Cast Show resonance FM September 2017

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