FourthLand – the land within the land beyond

A vessel, a place, a feeling

Fourthland is a place envisioned by artists Isik and Eva, as a place to delve into the interconnectedness of the creative process, producing work across mediums of sculpture, installation, performance, film, social - and ceremonial practice


Through creating artworks as vessels for transforming exchange Fourthland reposition marginalised knowledge to address new modes of social and environmental consciousness. With a longstanding commitment to social practice the work serves as an antidote to disillusionment and modes of separation held in modern society. 


Fourthland was formed in 2008 with the aim to merge art and life to make new myths about land and people. The myths that are essential to enchant and reposition forms of kinship and  bring unconventional groups together to create unexpected things. 


Through a process-led research the practice revisits notions of the sacred, the poetics of space and object, craft and the mysticism of the subconscious. Working with these themes to excavate the often hidden, but existing knowledge to form future imaginaries with diverse groups and multi-cultural communities. These methods produce surprising and transformative collaborative projects through the use of choreographed rituals, sound work, storytelling and improvised sessions that weave together human and non-human communication.  

As sculptors Isik and Eva utilise repetitive methods that reposition forgotten craft techniques and acts of domestic labour, often creating an open setting for collective making, performing and improvisation as a central part of the projects.  

Fourthland has been cultivated through 10 years of social practice with Land and People on The Wenlock Barn Estate in London. The work includes creating Interruptions, Workshops and Nomadic Residencies that prompt deep playfulness and curiosity to unearth the potential of what the artists refer to as ‘Handheld Knowledge’; a portal to both old and new knowings. The work through Exhibitions and Performances take on multi layered networks and re-enactments with a series of Documents as a trace of the experience.

Over the years Fourthland have created relationships with a variety of national and international collaborators, communities, estates, institutions and multidisciplinary teams including: climate scientists, psychologists, architects, shamanic practitioners, herbalists, anthropologists, urban researchers and filmmakers.  

The methods that form Fourthland  take  inspiration from process-based psychology and yogic practice alongside in-depth studies into diverse cultures, astrology, indigenous and alternative societies and the village-scale. Isik and Eva  graduated in Fine Art from the CASS School of Art in 2011 and have both completed additional trainings in yoga, sound healing, embodied movement and shamanic practice, weaving these teachings into the creative concepts of the work and intuitive listening to the land.

Recent exhibitions and performances include Kestle Barton, PEER, SPACE, Somerset House, Arnolfini, Barbican, Errant Bodies, UCL, South London Gallery,  with projects in UK and internationally. Recent reviews include:  Caroline Douglas, director of Contemporary Arts Society  

Cherry Smyth, Art Monthly and Tanya Harrod in Crafts Magazine.

Fourthland is a concept and approach to working in ‘collective practice’ that is held by an ever-growing network of people. The practice grows like streams, honouring the feminine principle and alternative societies. The work creates a shared ‘landing-place’ that forms new myths about land and people – Together, apart and with others, Isik and Eva create, perform and hold unique projects, holding a place in creative production that can be occupied temporarily or permanently, a place to use the creative process in the broadest sense. A place for art practice and everyday life. At its largest Fourthland is a whole community.




“I was greatly impressed by BREADROCK at PEER. Fourthland carried out a rich and remarkable long term collaboration with the culturally diverse communities of the Wenlock Barn estate and the resulting exhibition is testament to this. Both the film and the sculptural installation are also impressively original artworks in their own right. The many strands of shared making, knowledge and ritualistic activities which unfolded over this ten year period resulted in the creation of powerful visceral objects in a multitude of media which have now been transformed into magical pieces of sculpture. Similarly, the 16mm film is much more than a document of an exceptional community project. It pays tribute to a place and its people with a poetic richness and texture that is utterly captivating and one of a kind.” – Louisa Buck

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