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Craig Bamford of SASA Works

Craig is an Artist, Designer, Maker and Architect. Craig established SASAWorks in 2009 as a natural progression from two decades of making that explored materials through metal work, carpentry, artistry and several self-build projects. Craig has been collaborating with Fourthland since the beginning supporting FreeSpace projects and the production of bespoke pieces for our exhibitions.

Ale Tarraf

Ale is a filmmaker and photographer. He works with often marginalised and anthropological subjects, exploring the poetics of time, culture and place through cinema. Ale has been collaborating with Fourthland since 2014, creating video documentation of performances and photographic works in response to our performances and as unique artworks in 35mm and Medium Format Film.

Dr Ben Cranfield

Ben is Senior Tutor in Curatorial Theory and History on the Curating Contemporary Art programme at the Royal College of Art and leads the Curatorial Thinking and Dissertation strands of the programme. Ben is a writer, lecturer and cultural facilitator working at the intersections of curatorial and archival practice, post-war to contemporary art and cultural studies. He has a keen interest in the relationship between theory, practice and alternative forms of pedagogy. Ben has been in-dialogue with Fourthland since 2015 developing texts and performances that explore the "archive" and embodiment of Language.

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