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"The role of artworks is no longer to form imaginary or utopian realities, but to actually be ways of living and modes of action within the existing real"

Nicolas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics.

YÖRÜK residencies are small gatherings and camps held in relation to cosmic and seasonal weavings. These residencies bring art practice into the act of everyday life as a space to contemplate the magic of ourselves as nature.  The teachings are deeply rooted in our practice over the last 10 years offering holdings and processes influenced by many journeys and explorations into the sacred, the mystical and crafted in village cultures throughout the world. YÖRÜK is an invitation to delve deeper into authentic creativity, to reclaim the stories we tell about our bodies and our relationship with the landscape, and to step into an intuitive process of our own myth making. The residencies are an invitation for international groups to come together across disciplines and backgrounds.

YÖRÜK is a nomadic gathering, creating dialogues with alternative communities around the world. Most recently in collaboration with Mount of Oaks, a magical permaculture community nestled within the foothills of the Gardhuna Mountains in Portugal.  Yörük cultivates a community of practice that brings together the craftsman and healer embracing the power that we each carry within - that through our actions and our crafting we become the change makers that seed the communities we want to see in the world.  

YÖRÜK weaves together a collection of practices through what we call the 4 lands approach - a combination of sculptural, psychological, physical and spiritual processes. Integrating the ideas of myth, magic, ecological practices and what we refer to as 'handheld knowledge' to conjure the myths of connectedness that we need for envisioning different types of futures.

eva gong

“Travelling to you at the Mount of Oaks felt like joining a summit of the elements. In a universal sense but also to my own very personal elements" 

- Residency participant

Our first residency programme was back between 2011-2014 through: syzygy, where we hosted international and UK artists in a series of immersive workshops and experiments to deepen their practice. After many years of holding workshops and seeing the close link between creativity and transformation, YÖRÜK seemed like the natural progression.Read more about our trainings and influences on this work here.

"I am so deeply thankful for everything you made possible and shared in these days! You gave me the tools to own my own spiritual practice. It felt like being part of a circle of precious stones that every day moved a little closer, vibrated and shone a bit more and formed a common necklace towards the end. I am very grateful for your immense generosity to share your tools and processes of creation and inspirations with us without holding back. Everyone of us had space to shift and transform, settle or dance in their own space, rather than being assigned a fixed role. It feels like the beginning of a journey towards a freedom of spirit and body that has just started. I want more!

Residency participant



After three years of running yörük and receiving some very special feedback from participants, we have been called to create two very special trainings in embodied practice 'The Circle' in Portugal - and 'Held by the Village' in the UK.

These trainings are a journey into our authentic presence as an echo of the entire biological kingdom. The place we stand as a sacred channel between earth and sky, where the cycle of all existence and the circle of all beginnings flows through us. A place to rekindle a holistic relationship between the planet and ourselves a place to be held by the village as an extension of the circles of our ancestry.

fourthland_the circle

March - November 2020 

The Circle 

A training in embodied practice

over 4 modules 


September 2020

Held by the Village 

A 5 day immersion 

A reconnection with ourselves as nature

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