Tidal Threads
The Mother - An Afterbirth
The Blue Veil
fourthland performance Kestle Barton 2018
Fourthland medium format photograph in collaboration with Alejandro Tarraf 2018
A wedding to the bread
Fourthland performance, breadrock, Wenlock Barn Estate 2017
Fourthland performance 2016
The Birth Clinic
Fourthland performance 2016
The Storm
Fourthland performance, Somerset House 2016
Fourthland performance
Handed down and Handled
Fourthland performance, part of solo exhibition 'back to where we have not quite been' Arnolifini 2015
The Passing
Fourthland performance 2015
Everything happens on the street
Fourthland performance, PEER 2015
The Collective Tongue
Fourthland performance Berlin 2014
public dreaming
Fourthland workshop
Rhythm Analysis
Fourthland research project 2013
Oral Muscle
Fourthland performance for film
Fourthland social practice 2013
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