HOUSEHOLD, London 2017

Performances and installation 
Hosted in our home-space in London.


Exploring the artwork as the space of living and the space of knowledge, cultural production, reproduction, embodiment, rituals and enactment.
The project was inspired by the significance of the ‘domestic act’ in cultural production. A series of 
Household performances involving ritual performance, ceremony and storytelling took place as collective acts of habitation, and domesticity - the performance includes a live feed of Dr Alison Green, reading of Carolee Schneemann's Inerior Scroll 1975 - interrupting the performance as a phone call from the kitchen.

The work  unravelled the journey between: 
production of home-making in society
the power of the feminine principle
life and work connection
poetry and function
labour and care
land and access
household management

The work was inspired by the original etymology of the word "economy" meaning - household management 

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