This is the essence of what we do. To bring people together to work deeply with each other and the land. This coming together in social practice enables creative dialogues to take place across fields of practice. These processes form our practice based reasearch - here we investigate commoning, folklore, public space, agency of craft, cross-cultural traditions, urban space, collective agency, self-build and what it means to be in collective practice. These explorations have formed our extensive research into the archetype and shaped our understandings of craft and making as a form of collective dreaming. Over the years we have used these methods to hold several groups to work through conflict, change and collective transformation.



The backbone of this research and process is the 10 years we spent working in close collaboration with the diverse residents of the Wenlock Barn Estate in East London. A project that we called FreeSPACE as it explored the potential of what happens when land is brought into collective use. This 10 year collaboration cultivated our practice and approach as artists. What it means to be in a collective process, how myths are formed between land and people and all that happens in between. The collaboration developed our thematics of The Village Scale, Handheld Knowledge and ideas of the dreambody that have influenced our temporary public projects, interruptions.




Wenlock Barn Estate London

“One of the few projects that have truly delivered cross generational, cross gender, cross ethnicity, cross ablebodied and not; it has enabled neighbours on one of the most troubled areas on a troubled estate to get to know each other and develop a sense of community, succeeding to become part of the fabric of the estate.”
– Anna Eagar, Director of Housing and Urban Regeneration Shoreditch Trust



In the last few years we have worked long term with several other communities working with new types of ritual, craft and experiential storytelling  to create cross-cultutral connections. This has included working with a Syrian community in Cornwall and a Migrant women's  circle in London. Visit our interruptions pages to read more about a collection of short term projects.

I carry you in my eyes 2018
permissible notations of 2017
BearMotherHouse 2017
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