We immerse ourselves in making, constructing objects through a range of sculptural processes with natural materials. This includes a contemporary re-positioning of traditional craft skills such as felt making, skin curing, stitching, waxing and natural dying alongside a range of laborious mending processes.  We believe it is important to bring back 'the crafted' and 'the natural' into the contemporary art and social context,  emphasising the importance of' being in process' and 'deep time'. Through this,  preserving the knowledge passed down through the hands. Something we have come to call 'Handheld knowledge'. 

The objects we make are our artistic tools. Often made over a long period of time, with repetitive and durational labour, they are imbued with a sacred weight that evokes  qualities of care and universal knowledge - that of the domestic and the cosmic. The objects allow meetings to take place between unexpected groups of people, and as the objects are passed from hand to hand, they archive the encounter and re-tell the stories of our time. 

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