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    V E S S E L    O F    P  O  L  L I N A T O R S

the pollen of magic


Vessel of Pollinators is a 18 month course and journey of embodiment, created to attune your inner and outer senses, to develop a deeper understanding of how to feel, listening in to the ecosystems around you. How these feelings can be shaped and sculpted into a practice of art and service as part of the community you want to inhabit.

Vessel of pollinators is moment to allow the gifts and the magic of your pollen to spread to form an ecosystem of abundance. 

For the best magic can not be created alone or without nourishment

The arc of the journey will flow through two parts :

Practice-based research project:  

To explore the creation of magic, healing and transformation through art and ceremony. 

This part of the journey involves creating your own personal project in relation to the themes, through a series of practice based processes that will support you to cultivate new paths and expansions of you current practice.   A project that opens your practice and expression out in new ways to wider society. 


Nourishment vessel

The nourishment vessel is made up of 7 course modules to include guided journeys, circle work, one to one sessions and in person residencies. These processes will create a creative community, where your personal quest connects with others’. This nourishment vessel will be fed by all participants as a diverse root system, to become the trunk of our collective tree, from which you will individually branch out to witness the fruit of your authenticity. 

We will journey through the arc of the seasons and planetary cycles guiding from Summer 2024 - Equinox 2026 

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Is this for you ?

This journey is of deep relevance to any one wishing to bring change to their worlds, through heart centred service, and to draw out that inner project that was always in your dreams. 


This space is for beings who wish to work deeply on both a personal and collective level, for beings who wish to come together in shared practice, in circle, in ceremony who want to travel inside mysteries rooted in the magic of our collective bone memory, to dream within the web of the collective psyche.  It is a calling to all those sensing that life is connected to the web of all realms and wish to be in service to that purpose and the collective care of the planet and each other.


Will develop the subconscious realms through conscious dreamwork, vision quests, and social practice that will support you to weave your beingness into the surroundings, crafting the change you want to see in yourself and in the world. The practice based research will guide you to venture outwards with your inner mythology - allowing it to become a flourishing place of possibility and community. Cultivating a leadership from the heart, within an ecosystem of fellow pollinators. Supporting you to situate your sacred practice as a vital part of a greater whole to take an active part in the collective transformation of a new way of being.


1.  Becoming pollen

2. Fertilising force 

3. The art of awareness

4. The landscape of care 

5. Quest, practice and service

6. Presentation and embodiment 

7. Gathering 

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Testimonials from previous journeyers


"This course is the most incredible gift. Isik and Eva are the most beautiful, generous, nurturing and knowledgeable soul guides. Throughout the journeys and the teachings, I felt so held by them, still do. The work they do is nothing short of  magical. They helped me see how powerful I am within the collective. I have made some special life long bonds with the other people in the circle. They facilitated so many deep and potent healing experiences for me, and the others within our circle. I will never forget them. Fourthland are truly magical beings who awaken the magic in you."


"Journeying with Eva and Isik and our circle was a profound and life-changing experience. Through their tender, attentive, magical curation, I felt deep self-transformation and experienced wonderful relational resonances and creative spiritual growth. I alchemised inner barriers that enabled my creative spirit to awaken. I now feel that I have a mythical harmonic divine landscape woven around me, and pockets full of paint and paintbrushes, stars and seeds, that are enabling me to live in beautiful reality."


"The way you hold us, hold space, hold forth with instructions, invitations and guidance is so safe, it’s like being embedded in love and special attention… and yet somehow your permissions set us free to go into the most private and solitary landscapes where no one can come with us, to take heart and set out bravely."

"The gift of Eva and Işık is not easy to put into words; what it did to me is even harder to explain but I feel called to try in order to honour the magic they perform. Fourthland invites you to a voyage, a bundle of gentle rituals that will change how you perceive every aspect of your being and help you become more yourself, understanding and embracing what it is to be you, how you operate, what does and doesn't work for you. Each encounter, and each ceremony offer a bundle of beautifully designed performances and experiences you go through as a group together collectively and/or individually. Like any other deep spiritual work, the more you're open and present, the more you'll receive. A unique take, an unmissable opportunity." 

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