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FreeSpace has received funding since 2008 this has included main Grants from The Big Lottery, Local Food Fund, Wenlock Barn TMO and Shoreditch Trust
We have also received small Grants from, Awards for All, The London Community Foundation, The Big Lottery Local Food Fund, Capital Growth, The Learning Trust and The University of East London


Our projects have won 3 national awards.

The Growing Kitchen was selected out of 500 Big Lottery Funded Local food projects to receive a  Highly Commended Award  in the Small Grants Category. The acknowledgment was presented to us during a celebratory event at the Lowry in Manchester November 2013.The Small Grants category was presented by Local Food Programme Manager, Mark Wheddon, who announced that the panel were so impressed with the achievements of the Growing Kitchen in this category that they decided to name a Highly Commended award, along with a Winner. The Highly Commended title was given to Fourthland in London for the Growing Kitchen Community


Award presentation in Growing Kitchen garden by BIG Lottery England Director, Dharmendra Kanani

Growing Kitchen Resident Group was also given a Local Food Heroes award. The award was presented to the Growing Kitchen resident group by Dharmendra Kanani, BIG England Director from the Big Lottery Fund.In the same year Wenlock Barn TMO, went on to receive an award in the National TMO Awards for Involving Community for Fourthland Projects.


Wenlock Barn TMO Winner at National TMO Awards, for involving community through Fourthland projects


“This is one of the best urban growing projects I have seen with regards to transformation, engagement and pure impact”

– Marc Lupson, Adviser Team Manager, Local Food

The growing kitchen is “one of the few projects that have truly delivered cross generational, cross gender, cross ethnicity, cross ablebodied and not; it has enabled neighbours on one of the most troubled areas on a troubled estate to get to know each other and develop a sense of community, succeeding to become part of the fabric of the estate.”

– Anna Eagar, Director of Housing and Urban Regeneration Shoreditch Trust


“Without a doubt the growing kitchen has improved the quality of the local environment and the life for our community. Giving more people wonderful opportunities while also contributing to wider government objectives such as better community cohesion, improved health and more sustainable neighbourhood renewal”.

– Ines Tavi, Resident and member of growing kitchen resident group


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