BEARMOTHERHOUSE, an exhibition following an 8 month engagement process with a group of Migrant Women, Commissioned by SPACE 2017

SPACE London Commission 2017
with Xenia Women

Mixed media installation

To listen to the sound piece, visit here
“A house that is not a home, a home that is not a house”


Through art making, performative and storytelling workshops between Fourthland and Xenia, a tale has been woven, entitled BearMotherHouse, that tells of a mythical reality of matriarchal reign and domestic sustenance. The title BearMotherHouse draws on universal folk legend archetypes that appear across cultures in the form of bears, mothers and houses, but also refers to the pressing need in contemporary society for a sense of belonging and domestic security. 
The exhibition is a proposition for a way to forge community and new forms of domesticity through the aesthetics and poetics of the objects and stories within it, that act as both vessels for diverse traditions and prompts for future thoughts and actions.

The sculptures are at once familiar and strange, using common materials and processes, such as felting wool, moulding clay and melting wax. Accompanied by a sound piece and a scent work, the constructed environment of BearMotherHouse gives form to the myth; a narrative familiar to us through the fragments of stories we have inherited from generations past. To enter BearMotherHouse is to cross the threshold into a temporary, intimate world that has been created by the women of Xenia and us as a common space where all can belong.
For more information on project with Xenia women, visit here





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