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To compose the second site on the Estate, The Back Garden, we began with a curious set up of a tent, some sticks and some rope. To attract attention from people overlooking/passing the site, we played an eclectic selection of world-music. As people gathered and were drawn to come and ask us what we were up to, we handed them the sticks and the string and asked everyone to imagine themselves having a little growing plot on the land. Families and individuals came and interestingly enough, no-none overlapped their 'territories' with others. We noted down the markings as a drawing and this became the foundation from how we went on to collectively create the site. 


From the very onset of the design to the biulding, it was essential for us that people could have an actual imprint on what was created. This continued on to us collectively laying the bricks with the guidance of a traditional bricklayer, and using recycled bricks from the estate local pub which had been demolished.  As the raised beds were slowly being formed we ordered organic soil which was then wheelbarrowed through the efforts of many between the railings over a whole summer. 

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