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The video is a pilgrimage through the elements, with elders and artists, exploring the sacred essence, and the connection with the inner landscape. The work becomes a bridge between faiths, generations, spiritual and ecological practices, bringing together the processes of ‘forming the new scripture’ and the importance of the everyday sacred act, and its role in a larger constellation of acts.

Performances for film by members of St Andrew's Church and Shri Nathji Sanatan Hindu Temple in Leytonstone. The film includes voices, songs and poems by members of Shri Nathji Sanatan and St Andrew's Church in collaboration with Fourthland. Improvised sounds by Fourthland. Call to Holy Ground presents a performance of ritualistic gestures filmed in Epping Forest, alongside elemental expressions.

Composition, edit and performances Fourthland

Performances filmed by Nikki McClarron and Ale Tarraf

Screening and exhibitions

Call to Holy Ground, Exhibition London, 2021

LLF Barbican Film Festival London, 2021

Art Faith and Natural Environment, Berwick Church, 2021

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