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A Strange Kind of Knowing Curated by Olivia Penrose Punnett

Arusha Gallery, Dec 2021 London 

Haarlem Art Space, Feb - March 2022, Wirksworth


Penny McCarthy, Aimee Parrot, Eleanor May Watson, Susan Hillar, Katja Hock, Chantal Powell, Kristina Chan, Fourthland, Verity Birt, Holly Bynoe, Tai Shanni & Kate McMillan.


"The climate Renaissance, it’s a call to really be more creative in terms of decolonising the self, questioning the frameworks that we are coming from, and realising that every sector of our life needs to be changed and addressed” Suzanne Dhaliwal


This touring exhibition and artist’s publication explores female intuitive knowledge, the land, environmental cycles and phenomena. Female artists at varying stages in their careers present work about marginalised knowledge, intuitive embodied knowledge intrinsically linked with the natural world. These subjects are beyond gender, a deep remembering to our pre-colonised bodies, minds and internal landscapes. Taking place in the winter season, the show emerges from the forced 'winter' of the Pandemic. The moon, weather and natural rhythms play a part, allowing space for interconnection, and radical reenchantment. Valuing nuanced, a more complicated appreciation of our nature. The show features the often overlooked mid-career and established female artists, in rural spaces and places, sites of often undervalued rural knowledge.

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