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Dreamtime practices


Dreamtime practices are invitations to journey with in your own way until we next meet. To welcome the day and the night as dreamtime that both bring different qualities of reflection. Remember that we are not trying to create anything completed, we are simply observing, allowing, unraveling and welcoming the dream to speak.

The Song dreamtime practice

To choose one vision/ thread/ message/ feeling that came to you from the weekend of Journeys. 


Ask the vision/thread/ message / feeling how it needs tending

Continue to explore the relationship of yourself in the centre of everything, the non human realm and your companion. 


What messages keep coming through? And what part of you is resonating and resisting? 


We invite you to continue working with the cloths of the almanac and the stones as a way of holding your explorations. Allowing the materials to unfold into different textures and shapes as you imbue them with your process. 


From these explorations we would like you to prepare something to share with the group in our next session together.

Imagine this to be something of the seed you are cultivating / a ploughing of your land. 


This can take any form. A poem, a drawing, a shape, a sound, a gesture at this stage we are simply inviting you to be in a process - so just listen in to how this wants to express itself in you at this moment. 


As you journey with these processes, notice what questions arise for you about tending, and bring this question to the group.


The Gateway

Daytime dreamtime practice

The domestic / internal

Begin to notice your daily rhythm.

Find a way of observing your day as you move through your body and your home.

Take some notes on how your body feels at the beginning, middle and end of the day


Here are some guiding questions for this practice for you to reflect upon in whatever way it comes


what space in your body is speaking?

what feelings are brought up when listening to the body?

what parts need tending to?

how do you nourish your body?

what spaces do you move through?

where do you gravitate towards/ where do you spend the most time?

what spaces in your home need tending to?

notice how you feel in different spaces ?


For now, simply become an observer, without altering anything.

Continue this observation over a period of time,

and find a way of marking this rhythm. You may want to do this through mark making, writing, or anything else that comes to you. As you become familiar with this rhythm, notice what is repeating and how you move through your body and home as a vessel.


Threshold dreamtime practice

The night and day threshold

Make a page in your notebook that is only for the word collection from this practice


Choose a cloth from the almanac that is resonating the most with you at this point.

See if you can choose the cloth through a deep process of listening, and not from a place of the mind.  You may need to close your eyes and feel them all with your hands, in order to choose one. Whatever way feels like an authentic process of listening to you.


Place the cloth underneath your pillow - or inside your pillowcase.

As often as you remember, in the mornings just after waking up, take the cloth out of the pillowcase and write down the first word that comes as you hold it between your hands. Write down the word on a special page in your notebook

Place the cloth back into the almanac and again under the pillow when you sleep


Repeat the process until we meet again.

The bridge between inside and outside

Explore bringing some offerings from your walks into your home. Allow ‘yourself to be found’ by materials that are wanting to enter - see if you can allow yourself to be surprised and sensitive to the messages. Place these offerings with the almanac and see what happens.


Before we meet again visit the place that you offered the leaves and the herbs

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