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IMBUE BOOK OF SPELLS, artist book in production throughout Waking the Witch 2018 - 2020

imbue sculptural book.jpg

Imbue sculptural book, Waking The Witch, Visual Art Centre 20-21, Scunthorpe

IMBUE Grimoire, in collaboration with Legion Projects 


A Grimoire is a special book, which includes instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans, amulets and magical spells and one that gathers information about medicines, astrology and spells. In many cases, the books themselves are believed to be imbued with magical powers.


IMBUE is a bookwork inspired by ancient Grimoires developed through a public programme of workshops and performances as part of a touring exhibition Waking the Witch, commissioned by Legion Projects.


The intention of the bookwork is to reveal the collective magic present in performance and collective making - linking ancient practices of magic with contemporary social practice.


The collection within the bookwork will uncover hidden knowledge and celebrate the role of contemporary art for social change and social magic, depicting the collective transformation within collaborative performance and making.


Inspired by remedies and old incantations these new spells will create a connection between diverse groups of people, the natural world and urban magic. Empowering people to create new myths of our time.

Some images from workshops and exchanges so far:



​How the book will be made

Throughout the touring show and aligned to notions of roaming bards and travelling medicine women a sculptural bookwork will be made by the artists as a repository containing: collaborative texts, drawings and photographs of objects, plants, artifacts.


These will become traces of shared experience.


Collected outcomes will be developed into handmade pages of of sculptural bookwork, presenting new methods inspired by the workshops and environments, including recipes on how to reactivate a tactile knowledge.

Special thank you to everyone who supported this work through our kickstarter campaign

For more information on Waking the Witch, visit here

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