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Making Story
The physical manifestation of the mola mola fish, acted as a central form, between the sun and the moon, to gather around throughout the exhibition and event ‘back to where we have not quite been’ Arnolfini 2015. Made in response to our Resilience Lab project.

We created a surface to remind us of something ancient but also of a new potential. The many mouths and its rough surface describing a resilient process, similar to one described to us by a scientist through his handling of a piece of driftwood we had handed to him in a bundle.

An island within an environment of uncertainty.


Throughout the events at the Arnolfini, this object had offerings given to it, was sung to and gathered around, hosted stories and servings of culture and finally a larger gathering and discussion as a conference took place around it.

Hessian, threads, pigment, wax, newspaper,string and metal bowl


Exhibition History
back to where we have not quite been, Arnolfini 2015

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