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A 6 week course on embodied practice, exploring the roots of collectivity, myth and handheld knowledge.

By working with our individual myths we can shape a collective future – finding our common chord in the current times of huge shifts of social and political thinking.

This course is an invitation to  go deeper into creativity movement and sound as a way to trigger embodied knowledge. How this can allow us to find new ways of expressing ourselves individually and collectively. The sessions will consider how these processes can support us to think through feeling, using this body sense to enquire into ways we design objects and shape cities, public spaces and culture.

6 workshops will playfully guide you and the group through a range of sculptural and movement practices to explore myth making, objects and body and material maps.

Each session will be influenced by the concept of Mandalas which have been used since ancient times to access a deeper creative source, exploring mystery, creativity and intuition.The sessions will be guided by readings from a selection of ancient and contemporary texts.


Each session will weave together :
-Thinking through movement
-Material gestures
-Collective improvisation
-Breathing work and meditation
The process will be an invitation to harvest the wisdom within yourself and awaken your individual creative force,increasing intuition and awareness in your physical and spiritual body.

Intentions for workshops
– Deepen your understanding of the creative, poetic and sacred act
– Deepen the understanding of performative methods to tackle urgent topics (such as climate change and education)
– Develop new methods and narratives of urban space and our current time
– Shed new light on everyday domestic acts
– Increase confidence in expressing your individual creative contribution in a collective context
– Create new and surprising links between you and others
– Develop new ways of meeting and conversing
– Tune your embodied knowledge


“Your workshop was a gift of surprise. I loved every moment of the week. I enjoyed the new way I could experience my peers, interact physically and emotionally. Share ideas, play with both our voices, space, textures and feelings of light, shadows of seeing and doing things. You gave me something that left a beautiful after taste, the art of union. What a great ritual art can be when it represents principals of humanity. Union, communicating, dancing soulfully and innocently. This work of recreating and uniting us to this basic principal of existence. What are we if we don’t interact with our others with openness?” – Workshop participant, Bergen Academy of Arts

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