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D R E A M T I M E  F O R  T H E  P I L G R I M A G E



Through an experience of collective nourishment and care
I feel my authentic self
From that space of unique diversity
I am able to feel the hearth of the world
my pilgrimage

to the place I am from


I make a pilgrimage to the centre of my being

To the center of my hearth

To weave my unique self into the landscape a new


I am here at the threshold to my beginning

The gateway to experience



How to prepare for the journey 

Allow yourself to feel excited about the prospect of going somewhere just for you. You as the centre of everything. 


Taking with you only what you need to express this beginning of you and to ask the surroundings for support. 


Return to your nature companions and follow the warm feeling of your hand trustingly held by the hand of Yoruk as a confirmation of your path.

* * *


Whenever we bring something into being we are allowing the universe to see us – when we allow our whole self to be seen the universe is able to better assist us on the path. This pilgrimage is a moment to explore these ideas of taking your whole self somewhere and seeing what magic opens up. 


As you prepare for this special occasion, feel into how the practical and symbolic preparation can exist as one and the same, with equal importance and aligned with what your inner landscape needs to meet the outer. 



A Threshold practice 

Explore the journeys you have made through the arc of the course


Notice the key threads that are emerging for you about the texture and nature of your hearth


You may like to transform your almanac in some way for this process or continue working with the materials that are calling you at this time. 


We would like you to think about this process as a birth of yourself at this new beginning. Ask yourself

What are you wearing on your skin 

What would you like to take with you 

What colors do you have with you 

What ritual or ceremony do you do when you get there, before you travel

 Hearth guidance objects and navigators

When crafting the objects to bring with you, feel into them as the following threads


how we embody the life spark of existence – a connection to our centre


how we sculpt our authentic creativity, attuning our bodies as channels of wisdom between finite and infinite realms


how our beings meet the multiple threads of existence – a gathering of knowledge to serve the ecosystem of potential


how we weave ourselves a new skin of sensuality to meet the world – crafting the cloak of our souls to offer back our potential

Journey book - your personal almanac

Using the cloths, images and textures you have made or drawn, make a selection into a personal journey book. Each part acting as guidance, rememberance and support for your pilgrimage. Leave space to write or draw what emerges during your pilgrimage.


Allow the place you travel to to find you 

We began to explore this playfully with the mapping activity.  You may like to work with something directly that came during this activity or you may like to use it to inspire another way of finding the place or allowing a process other than your mind to guide you to a place. 


When listening in to the place that is calling you, try to connect to the element that perhaps have until now lingered more in the shadows, and how this journey can become an opportunity to reconnect with that part of yourself. 


Experiment with exploring a landscape that wouldn’t normally be your first choice, or find a way to explore moving and pausing through the landscape as a way that enables you to receive it afresh. 


Remember you do not have to go far. We encourage you however to allow yourself a spacious enough time wherever you go. Also allow yourself to create a sacred and comforting holding space for this experience, considering where you might stay the night and how the space however it is, can become a sacred nest between the days. 


How you journey 

The journey begins at home, with your altar, with the hearth you have created,

Every moment of the preparation is as valid as the journey itself, the small actions, the moments of care. 

The practicals 

If you are going to go somewhere for the weekend see if you can travel there on the Friday 


We will tune in as a group together at 8pm on the Friday ( not online but collectively in a shared practice) 


We will gather as a group at 12 on Saturday as a shared practice (not online but collectively in a shared practice) 


On Sunday we will have a morning circle (online) together



To gather to take with you 


Your journey book / personal almanac 

Anything you have made, prepared to bring with you 

And offering for the landscape/place you have arrived to 




One day in the rest of our lives 

Not a final something

but a beginning of something 

A space of deep presence that expands out to meet the spiral of

cyclical knowing

in the depths of your being 

In connection with all realms of being

you are not alone


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