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ARTIST PORTRAIT, in collaboration with award-winning filmmaker Alejandro Tarraf 2019

fourthland_artist portrait
fourthland_artist portrait
artist portrait
fourthland_artist portrait

Our new artist portrait currently in the making.

Here we explore the cave as an earth womb and creative cauldron in which we enter a state of deep listening with our hands, slowly crafting gestures with our bodies that respond to and carry the elemental messages of a place. 


This film speaks about the pre-processes we immerse ourselves with when creating any form of socially engaged structure.  With reference to our terminologies 'handheld

knowledge', 'the village scale' and 'slow-time-space', this film shows the embodiment of our practice and the essential need to re-connect with ideas of 'process' rather than current time ideas of efficiency and 'progress'. How within this deep re-tuning of our bodies and minds, we can find the most unexpected solutions to many of the current large scale topics of climate change, resilience and uncertainty.  

This film is both a poetic moving image in which its duration, image and sound embody the essence of our work, as well as containing a spoken interview about our practice. 

We look forward to sharing this video soon. 

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