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Offered as a one day or one week course
Group size maximum 20

Our surroundings both internally and externally are sculpted through oral (the mouth) and aural (the ear) muscles, this workshop explores the body and voice as material, considering group process and collaboration.


The workshop takes inspiration from the call and response process of sea shanty and labour songs and incorporating wider uses of sound and mantra. These processes are accompanied by subtle movement and listening activities. Forming an embodied dialogue on place, collectivity and materiality.By exercising what we call the “collective muscular system”, the workshop will reflects upon how we can take action and create new stories.


The workshop is divided into different stages, including participative performance, discussion and making.

Intention of the workshop
To investigate the essence of sound and action – exercising the aural
Deeper listening
To investigate the relationship between public and private soundings
To experiment with materials and discover individual materiality
To use the voice in new ways – exercising the oral
Discover haptic material
To experiment with how words and sounds are shaped
To discover collective rhythms and responses


Work History 
Bergen Academy of Art, Norway 2015


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