BREADROCK,  Kestle Barton 2018

Exhibition at Kestle Barton 8th Sep – 3rd Nov 2018, a collaboration with Rosalind Fowler

BREADROCK is the message of mystic law conjured between people and soil.

This two part exhibition comprising installation and 16mm film presents the critically acclaimed show BREADROCK, I feel like doing this from PEER London and BREADROCK, I carry you in my eyes, developed at Kestle Barton.

Both works display a visceral homage to cultural history, memory and universal myth, melding sculptural practice with experimental and ethnographic filmmaking to create new kinships and folklore.

BREADROCK, I carry you in my eyes, made in collaboration with local and diverse communities gathering on the Lizard Peninsula, includes a series of cross-cultural sharings with local Syrian families. The 16mm film and sculptural pieces present echoes of the Chant of the Whaleswan, the new myth that formed between people, including soundscape and performances.

BREADROCK, I feel like doing this, made in collaboration with residents of the Wenlock Barn Estate in London comprises a 16mm film and collection of quasi-mystical sculptures, drawing on the rituals and artefacts of the Estate’s Bangladeshi, European, Kurdish, Serbian, Turkish, Ugandan and West Indian communities. The work, co-curated and performed by residents, manifests their inner worlds.

BREADROCK will be exhibited at Kestle Barton across the galleries and gardens between September – November 2018

Read text ‘Crafting the Unknown’ by Skye Sherwin here

Project and exhibition interview with the artist: 

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