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Straw, Hessian, threads, wax, linen

A large embroidered surface, consisting of many small bundles of straw hand stitched on to hessian.

Making Story
We sat on the street with a big pile of straw carefully shifting hand woven trays between us, rolling tiny bundles of straw, one by one, and tying them with string. Sharing both scissors and string through a passing gesture, the bundles could only be rolled with a certain tempo, creating a slow and rhythmic growth. Whilst continuously humming, people from all cultures and lands approached us there on the street, offering a hand, a cup of tea or encouraging comments. “Keep up the good work” they said. “What are you making?” they asked. And before answering, they told us “I know what you are making” and shared stories from their many different homelands, everyone from Eritrea to Poland, connecting with the act as part of their own culture.

Work History

The Land Rays, Barbican 
back to where we have not quite been, Arnolfini 2015 (as in above image )

Everything happens on the street, PEER 2015

Resilience Lab, public programme in Bristol and London 2015

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