"We are one child spinning through Mother Sky" - Shawnee


Cosmic Council

A community of light holders


This is our vision to create a community as a way to support each other to manifest the light within us that can shine out to the world


This time is about going to the source of our roles in society – the source of the role of the artist, the source of the role of the council.  Bringing these together to craft new spaces of our time – that maintain diversity and continue to support the cultivation of resilient, ecological and local economies. We are seeing a huge shift in how we experience money, the gift exchange and how we honor fringe economies.  In times of uncertainty it is often the marginalised voices of light and otherness that without community are the first of the voices to disappear.


This is a time of great illumination that is calling all of us to develop processes of attunement with the land, our hands, spirit and community economy in ways not seen for generations. It is a time to summon new sustainable structures, not based on separation and fear, but on connection that embrace the embodied and non-liner cosmic time that we are all yearning for and the visions that we all carry inside.


We consulted the landscape for guidance:


As we laid on the rock we had a vision of light molecules passing between each of us in radiant concentric circles – forming through our inner and outer soils – molecules freely moving - hand in hand – one growing in the presence of the other – growing together. The same - yet different.  It was as if we had dissolved our human form and knowledge of the current time and had instead become a mutualistic, symbiotic being, connected with all things, creating a chain – of interconnected creativity. A network of light carriers.


When we opened our eyes we remembered the – mycorrhizal fungus in the soil that maintains a diversity of the ecosystem – one species helping the other to flourish. In this relationship a range of plants can be more protected and more resilient – exchanges take place of various scales to maintain this interconnected richness of the fields.  


Our vision for the Cosmic Council is like the mycorrhizal - each of us working as guardians of positive light, expanding into a hive of interconnection. By growing a community and new type of support network we can together carry the light that is needed for collective transformation and the growth of a new world.

When you feel powerless it is because you stopped listening to your own heart, that’s where power comes from – Gianni Crow


There are four ways to be part of this Cosmic Council and community of light holders:

Join one of our

Light Carriers Circles

A place of visions within the dream veil.

This circle work is to support carrying hope and transformation in times of uncertainty - incorporating creative actions, sounds and guided processes, whilst acting as a safe and neutral place of sharing between fellow humans


These circles create the opportunity for you to weave your idea threads with others, enabling interconnection and deepening the importance of your own actions within a network of actions.


The work is held online and also partly guided in your own space in order to merge between physical and digital worlds.


Opportunities to join one of two groups a month

Sundays: 6pm UK time



Sunday April 4th Circle group 1

Sunday April 26th Circle group 2



Sunday 3rd May Circle group 1

Sunday 24th May Circle group 2



Sunday 7th Circle group 1

Sunday 28th Circle group 2

Second series 


Sunday 5th July Circle group 1

Sunday 26th July Circle group 2

Donation based

  • Sign up as part of a series of 3 circles suggested donation for waged participants between £30 - £50

  • One off drop in - suggested donation for waged participants between £10 - £30

How to sign up

Email us: fourthlandinfo@gmail.com

Materials and links will then be sent to you by email after the donation is received



Sign up to receive


The PORTAL is a collection of writing, images, readings, visions and especially created theme-based guided practices. Crafting the unknown in times of uncertainty. It will also feature updates and visions from us about our work in relation to climate and culture. 

Our vision for the PORTAL is that it serves as a collection of voices and threads honouring ancient and primordial modes of communication; voices from other realms, visions, connections with spirit, stories, the marginal, revealing things that are hidden and things that are sacred. We are interested in intuitive summonings in response to the current energy of the time and the sharing of idea seeds.

The PORTAL will serve as a collection of things that need to be spoken or sounded.

We see that each edition of the PORTAL will become a blessing, a pause and a window into a different way of thinking.


Contributions to the PORTAL will be of the oral and the handwritten kind – honouring and embedding the presence of humanness and collaboration into the offering.


Each edition to the PORTAL will be part sound file and part self printable artwork complete with assembly instructions.

We are looking for contributions to each edition from  beings who have light holding and light carrying visions to share. Get in touch for more information on this. We hope to grow a network that is shared initially through editions of the PORTAL and online.

Receiving the PORTAL 

Two editions released per year on solstices

Suggested donation £25

Send us an email to register interest 

Work with us to

develop Tools for light carrying

We are offering a series of creative tools for groups in times of uncertainty. These practices for light carrying will support you to navigate this time. These practices will be rooted in our extensive experience working with a range of groups, individuals, organisations, and universities. 


Get in touch with us if you would like to receive more information on this.



Support our hive 


Become part of the hive of light carriers. Through this membership you are contributing to our practice supporting a range of our social programs with communities. Including supporting us to continue the work we have been developing with Syrian families in Cornwall, project can be visited here


Contributions to our hive-economy will also support us to seed other micro ecologies through donations to other light holders in the community.

In exchange monthly subscribers will receive a regular light carrying message from the Cosmic Council - this  takes the form of a reading, poem or sound piece.

Subscribers will also receive The PORTAL and promotions for events and talks.


Two options for community membership 

  • One off donation 

  • Monthly subscription 

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