Hessian, feathers, wool, silk, wax, plant dyes, indigo, metal and rope

Objects developed in response to residency ‘ I carry you in my eyes’ with Kestle Barton in 2016. These objects embody some of the myths that came up throughout the exchange with a group of Syrian refugee families. The blue skin is a response to the myth of the seven Syrian women as  ‘the seven swans’ whom arrived during a performative washing ceremony of the portal – another object which was made as part of the same project.  The red skin is a response to ideas of  ‘blood wisdom’  which connects to the feminine principle and all women as ‘mothers’ in intuitive exchange.


These dreaming skins or dreambodies, with their primordial, laborious and domestic materiality speaks of the relationship between homes and embodying home. Forms which open out the potential of malleability and transformation, in alignment with natural and cosmic law. 

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