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MOTTION 5, This Landless Home Hymnal, Clusterbomb performance collective


A 1 month residency April 2013

This Landless Home Hymnal

Land is on the move. Its motion continues to shift this home.

We have had moments of discomfort as we have moved ourselves and our possessions throughout these rooms and surrounding streets. Such re-arrangements have caused us to swing from stability to chaos; breaking down and reconstructing notions of belonging.

Remembrance has also had a constant presence. Reminders of where we have come from and how this shapes what we build around us. The streets of Walworth have crossed years in weeks from shared memories, horses and carts to glass buildings and poundland. Grandparents have appeared closer, maybe to question the deeper meaning and impact of re-generation.

We have created an open house for home actions, home discussions, recollections and projections; for sounding out the past and present moments in which we sing our home hymnals.

We welcome you to make home, throughout the mix of our home making.

About ClusterBomb
CLUSTER BOMB [collective], established in 2009 at Dartington College of Arts, are a contemporary performance group who accept everyone and anyone into their cross-disciplinary collaborative process towards making performances. How can a diverse group of artistic individuals collaborate with limited commitment on cutting-edge projects? CLUSTER BOMB [collective] explore precisely this: Join us!

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