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yoruk song of the cave


The Inner Sanctum


"Within us dwells the friend - of the underworld....not as a demon, abductor, overlord, but as the comforter who consoles with the promise of renewal. They are the open-eyed dreamers, and what they dream into being in the underworld are the visions that rise to restore the earth. Our visions. Our power" - Dreaming the Dark, STARHAWK

Within this place of the underworld sleeps the song of our soul - our greatest creative powers. This gathering is an exploration of light and shadow working through s range of magical process-bases practices of performance, sculpting, movement, ceremony, yogic practice, sound work and improvisation. ​

Upcoming 2nd - 8th September 2020, Mount of Oaks, Portugal 

In this  gathering we will be working with our methods of ‘Handheld Knowledge’ to tune in to our inner wisdoms and elemental connections. By letting these wisdoms guide us individually and collectively, we will draw marginalised knowledge into the foreground and explore forgotten modes of social and environmental consciousness. We will work in deep and playful ways, with curiosity and improvisation, and with the concept of “householding” as a daily spiritual action that creates a circle of trust to support all of us in this magical journey.

Through this process we will re-position the relationship between the artist and the healer, delving into authentic expression, creativity and inner landscape. Entering the Cave of hearts, Cave of rest, Cave of shadows, Cave of light.

The structure will take inspiration from the flow of the seasonal cycle working with the archetypes of autumn, winter and renewal across Celtic and Eastern mythology. Allowing a deep connection to this fundamental cycle within us, in our lives as individuals and in our creative powers and listening within community. 

Through the guidance of our unique seasonal cycle, we will explore ideas of material and etheric mapping, imbuing the landscape and ourselves with a series of new gestures and healing. Finding the inner truth and quality of our elemental nature to support the collective and individual explorations. 

The Song of the Cave will form a deep reflection on the role of ‘home’ and ‘kinship’, discovering the potent essence of connecting authentically with ourselves and each other. And how to transform this ‘care’ and ‘trust’ into a generous and holistic relationship with communities we live and work within. 



We will be hosted by Mount of Oaks 


We will camp in a simple way in shared bell tents close to nature. This is very much part of the experience of returning to and becoming ensconced in the land. There are lovely compost toilets, wood and solar showers.

I will carry the bravery it takes to open and be held, and the empathy it takes to hold, and create a nurturing space for myself and for everyone who is apart of my life path. Thank you for the gifts, I am honored to have shared this experience with you and learn from your ancient wisdom.” – Residency participant

"My time at Mount of Oaks was the first of it's kind and simply one of a kind. Having been a few months since the Autumn Equinox and The Song of the Cave, the deep creative energy and healing seems to subtly arise in moments of stress and contemplation in day to day life. The relevance and importance of those beautiful 5 days seems to strengthen as time goes on meaning the experience is travelling with me and wasn't just tied to those stunning warm moments on the land. In the woods dancing and laughing, calming swims at night in the pond, candle lit mud structures or discussions around the colourful dinner table are all irreplaceable memories ingrained in my soul. Also the connections I made with the wonderful people there were so intimate. The relearning of approach to problems, myself and other women all stemmed from Yoruk and I continue to refer back to these magical experiences. I am so eternally grateful for the genuinity, generosity and love I felt from all peoples I met on this trip as I flow into my future as an artist. The confidence, patients, love and internal reflection I was taught to manifest during the Song of the Cave is priceless and valuable lessons for us all regardless of age, gender and identity so I'd highly recommend! Thank you Fourthland!" - Residency participant

Some reflections from previous participants:  

“Words are useless in such occasions, I felt very loved and supported and still carry the circle with me. It was all like a dream to me our time together and I can’t stop talking and thinking about it. Thank you again for everything you gave us so much of your love and your life force.” – Residency participant

“It still feels like a complete magical dream and I often can’t believe it was real” – Residency participant

“Travelling to you at the mount of oaks felt like joining a summit of the elements. In a universal sense but also to my own very personal elements. Being part of this particular circle was a very intense and deep experience and the theme of the shadow and the cave touched me in a yet very unexpected way”.- Residency participant

“Our time together nourished me so deeply, it planted so many seeds for my life journey, for the expansion of myself in the world. I came with the clear intention of being held, but I didn’t know what that looked like or felt like. I came with a veil on, not knowing what I was to see, but was met with the most beautiful humans I’ve ever met who held me and nurtured me in ways I never knew I could be open to. You have all changed me and held me, and I will carry the sacred journey with me everyday. 

song of the cave
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