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A four hour workshop
Group size 40 maximum


The workshop explores the latent wisdom that is activated by the physical process of making and handling, uncovering a knowledge that emerges through tactile exploration. Using a series of archetypal gestures, objects and elemental materials to provoke dialogues. The workshop uses these processes to unpick situations and address questions within our current culture, such as ecological change, ideas of nationhood, deep time and migrations.

What is passed on to us? What wisdom is within us?

This workshop has it roots in ideas of grandmother’s knowledge that is handed down, the stories told and retold. How these stories are imprinted and imbued and govern our systems and behaviours. The traveling plays that taught villagers the theories of the universe, the songs and chants that shaped our cultures. The vedas. The intangible heritage of humanity.

Intentions for the workshop
To create a deep listening
To allow the physical action to guide the language that follows
A refocus in the manual
Prompting physical memory and myth


“I honestly feel like I’m seeing the world in a completely different way. Thank you so much for coming down and engaging us with your art and your way of thinking.”– Workshop participant, Cabot Institute

Workshop History
Cabot Institute of Climate Change, Bristol Sep 2015



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