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This land is holy ground

as our feet walk on the earth

the soul of our feet

meeting the soul of the earth

We become intertwined

our lightness and depth connects with sky

our depth and lightness connects with ground 

where is your place of Holy Ground?

which route would you take?

how will you travel there?

what will you take with you

to connect with this experience?


We invite you to make a journey

to your place of Holy ground


listen in and to listen within to what speaks to you


This is a Call for fellow pilgrims


           Pilgrims to "redraw topography as a sacred field, rendering the whole landscape as a sacred field of power" Alison Millbank


Every step we make is a scared step upon the earth – whether in urban or rural locations. We are looking to connect with beings who are interested in pilgrimage or have experience of being on pilgrimage.


We would like to create a community of pilgrims involved in multiple acts of sacred movement and quests over the landscape – to create a sacred field between now and 2021. This community will exist as different shapes and layers of holding and interrelating. All participation will develop into an online community with the invitation to also become part of a collective performance in Spring/Summer 2021.


How to be involved

Holy Ground Seeding Practices 

  • Listen to the sound piece on this page with the beginning text - and feel into a place that you would like to go - and what you will take with you 

  • If this is a place you have journeyed to before allow there to be something different in the way that you travel there

  • Carry with you the intention of the notion of Holy Ground and the awareness of the community from the Temple and the Church who are part of the group in London

  • Journey into the landscape or route of your choice

  • Find a way to document the journey however if feels right 

  • By email send us the reflections of your process this can be in writing, sound, painting, image, photography 

  • Mark the journey on a map and send us a photograph – or representation of the route that you took

These processes will develop a series of sacred journeys over the land becoming energy lines and root makers to produce the sacred field across the landscape. Contributions will be uploaded to our website as a holding place - please be in touch if you have any questions.

For longer forms of participation

Join us for

Holy Ground pilgrim practices

If you are interested in being part of this work of pilgrimage and Holy Ground on a deeper level we invite you to also join us to be part of:


  • Sacred Seed rituals  – Taking place throughout the year this is a series of online gatherings – deepening the experience of ritual and connection with yourself and the spirit of the land. The intention for this work is enter a sacred relationship with your actions and to collectively develop practices of attunement that consider everyday actions as process of pilgrimage.Each gathering and process lasts for 3 hours – and is on a donation basis


  • Pilgrim practices of attunement (more details coming soon) – a series of online workshop sessions and workshops in London to create actions for the final performance in 2021 London. These practices will support us to create a sacred field in London for our final performance of Holy Ground in 2021 with St Andrews Church and Shri Nathji Sanatan Hindu Temple Hindu Temple. 




This land is Holy Ground
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